Abyssrium Easter Hidden Fish & Common Fish List【2019 Spring Event】


Abyssrium Easter Event adds 15 new fish and hidden fish. There is no upper limit of coral stone level in Freshwater World.Ferrets are added as cute charged animals. Also, newborn chicks will be able to create again.

Have fun with the Abyssrium Easter Event!!




Easter Event Fish List/Hidden Fish List

Fish ListRelease Conditions
1Rabbit ClownfishAlways be with you
2Forsythia IdolWear Event Theme and Dye
3★Egg PufferWatch Event ads 5 times
4Teacup CowfishOwn 5 Egg Blowfish
5★Leaf Sea SlugGet 10 treasure box from event hermit crab
6Ladybug TurtleOwn 5 Leafy Sea Slug
7★Cherry Blossom AxolotlOwn all 2018&2019 event fish
8Mushroom JellyfishTake Photo of Egg Lamp(Mission decoration)
9Spring Flower SquidOwn 30 event fishes
10★Forsythia OarfishTake 3 Photo of Teacup Chick(Mission decoration)
11★Petal StingrayOwn All Named "Flower" fish (include 2017&2018)
12Reef SharkOwn 60 event fishes
13★Teatime WhaleOwn 80 event fishes and Own 12 kinds of event fish
14Giant Teapot NautilusClear All Quest
15❤Ferret❤In-App Purchase

★:Hidden Fish

Reddit Update Announced

Reddit also has a notification about the abyssrium update.Please check here for details.


  • Spring Event will take place in the Saltwater Tank. It is tea party themed.

  • 14 new event fish + 1 IAP (Ferret) will be added.

  • 2017 and 2018 Spring Event fish will be available as event fusion fish.

  • There will be a 5-step event quest for a large “final" fish (Giant Teapot Nautilus)

  • There is a 7-part Expand quest for additional expand decorations

  • They are also adding 10 new normal (non-event) fusion fish, although it seems some of them are required for parts of the event.

  • They are removing level caps in the Freshwater, Halloween, and Christmas tanks

  • They are changing the Daily Mission including changes to the missions themselves, the mission rewards, and the pearl amount given (from 25 to 30)

  • There is a bug in the update that will reset your levels if you do not have the most recent app update, so make sure your app is fully up-to-date before downloading the event update.



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