Abyssrium Christmas 2018 “Magnificent Christmas Fish” Quest Contents


Abyssrium Christmas 2018 The last quest was never hard. You can clear it if you are playing. However, it is very tight if you do not open hidden fish, so if you can open at least 4 hidden fish per this quest, late efficiency is good. It may be relatively easy to clear this time.





Start of the last Quest Magnificent Christmas Fish !!

When I started this last quest, a tremendously cool, huge turtle appeared.


Can be create this “Big Turtle" at Abyssrium Christmas 2018? My motivation rises very much from now.



Awards of “Magnificent Christmas Fish" 

The amount of remuneration for the last quest is 3000 for diamonds, 50.000 AR for candy, 800.000 AC for Vitality.


However, there is a possibility that life force may be satisfied at the time of creating this “Toy Shark".


If you receive 3000 diamonds, you may be able to upgrade the Miracle of the Christmas to the maximum.



Quest “Magnificent Christmas Fish" Contents

The content of this quest is as follows.


  • Own 3 Toy Shark
  • Level 4000 in sum of all building
  • Own 41 kinds of fish(Exclude Gifted Animals?)
  • Take 1 Photo of Cookie Whale when White Christmas on


This is because it is said that it may be necessary to activate white Christmas at least twice.



The second white Christmas use for Cookie Ray and Cookie Whale

Although it is 12 hours, you must do it from the appearance condition of cookie rays to the shooting of cookie whale at a stroke.


After using 12 hours of skill or after 1 day we will be able to try again for 15 minutes, so it may be good to use it.


For the first four hidden fish it is necessary to use the two magic of white Christmas and Santa express.


If you do it efficiently, let 's make white Christmas clear up to 2 times.





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