Abyssrium Christmas 2018 “Ready to Party” Quest Strategy

The third quest of Abyssrium Christmas 2018 “Ready to Party" is gradually increasing in difficulty and need more time. It was serious to go until creating Holly-Sea Dragon, but after that I felt that I managed somehow. This quest takes time.




Ready to Party!!

At this quest “Ready to Party", Snowman’s Nest is released. You will be able to open up new fish with this.



Quest “Ready to Party" Awards :600 Diamonds

We can get 600 diamonds.I think it will be very helpful to upgrade the magic “Christmas Miracle".



Abyssrium Christmas Quest “Ready to Party" Contents

The third quest of “Ready to Party" are as follows.


  • Collect Candy 400 times
  • Create 1 Holly Seadragon
  • Own 17 kinds of fish
  • Reach 500.000K of Vitality


The most difficult quest was the last “Reach 500.000K of Vitality".


It’s not a difficult level yet. It takes time and effort. But it is possible.




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