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Masks are sold out due to the new coronavirus … Then I made it because I should make it. I can’t expect the effect of preventing infectious diseases, but I can make it a comforting thing to say “I am masking", and I can put gauze in between, but it is disposable because I may feel fat sweat on my nose. If you make it properly, you will not cut your skin with paper.

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1.This mask created by Kenji Kamibayashi by origami while drinking alcohol. It’s easy to made.

2.Although this handmade mask cannot prevent infections, embarrassing to use it as a mask? ? ?  Please try if you do not have a mask.

3.You may be injured when making this handmade mask. Please be careful not to cut your fingers.

4.Don’t buy copy paper and strings. I have prepared materials for origami (Adjusted to A4 size … should be | PNG image with fold line Link to A4 size), so please make it with white copy paper etc.


6.Because it is a paper mask, you can assert yourself. Even with words that are difficult to write on cloth, if you use this paper mask, you can print it in a favorite font such as “I’m Sleepy", “Hungry", “Need Alcohol", or any other place you like, to give it a unique character. You can freely change the color of your hair and the color of your paper. Highly customizable.



Here’s what you need to make this paper mask.

  • A4 copy paper
  • Scissors
  • String-like items (packing string may be used)
  • Energy and time
  • Playful Heart

Then we will tell you a digest how to make it.


How to A4 Copy Paper Mask

After folding, it opened. The whole crease looks like this.


Bend the edge a little. Now you can pinch the gauze inside while eliminating well-cut areas of the paper.


It may not make sense, but somehow fold it in a cross.


Fold it vertically as well. This makes it a little stable.


Fold it diagonally as well. This makes it a little more stable. In other words, the fit will increase.


It would be OK if you could do something like this. I say something important. Please fold the long end of the rectangle into something nice. This is because you don’t put the well cut part of the paper on your skin.


The diagonally folded part creates a nice fit later.


If you fold it diagonally, you can fold it inward as well.


I will make a cut here just around the corner. Anywhere is fine Instinctively and cleanly insert scissors where you think it will be cool.


This creates air holes. Also, when you insert gauze, this will make it difficult to slip off with bumps, and exhaled air will leak from the side, so your glasses will not fog.


Open the hole. Since it is strong between the bent parts, even a little big hole will not suffer fatal injury. When you put it on your ears, it should be a perfect fit as it will have a string force applied to the outside.


Make a hole like this, and if necessary, make a hole in the fluttering area.


If you fold it inside like this, it will look a little cool, and the string will also look like this.


Such a mask can be made by devising acrobatic. This is more convenient if you devise a position to make a through hole for the string.


It looks like this from the inside. “I am independent"He said.


It looks like this when viewed from the side. feel well.


This is the string I used. It’s difficult and nice. A linen string is fine, but it’s hard on the ears. A rubber band may hurt your ears.


I put it on. How?


This is how the profile looks. Actually, I’m just looking at the hamster on the calendar.



Both left and right are relatively spacious. Thanks to the fluttering part, you can manage even if the size does not fit a little.


Feel the length of the string. Ask your heart and ruler. It’s pretty much.


By the way, it costs about 3 USD to 5 USD with 500sheets A4 copy sheets. The packing string is 1 USD. I think the string I used was about 30 cm long.


I can’t divide it, so I don’t know the price per mask, but it’s a good place to rest and I can make it with fluttering copy paper. But you can make it. Also, it is a waste as it is disposable, but let’s plant the branch tree.


If you use it properly, you can endure about 3 times out. In the case of a child size, I think it’s better to make it smaller or fold it with a B5.


It’s over thank you.


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