How to Write Japanese “Nengajyo:年賀状” Greeting Letter@New Year 山梨






What is Nengajyo:年賀状


New Year’s card:Nengajyo(年賀状) is Japanese custom from the Nara period(1300 years ago).



Came to New Year, there was a custom called “The New Year Greeting" for superior people and business people in Japan.



How to Write Nengajyo:年賀状


In Japan, there is a custom of sending “New Year’s cards" to the new year.



It will arrive if you post New Year’s postcard in designated post of post office before December 25.



New year cards can be obtained easily at convenience stores and post offices.New Year’s cards are about 450 yen in a set of 5 cards.


You can also prepare fashionable and cute New Year’s cards.



Additional Greeting for Back side Nengajyo:年賀状


Here is an example sentence.



Happy New Year




I wish you a happy New Year



I would like to congratulate you on your new year’s congratulation.



Happy New Year



May the holiday season bring a lot of hapiness and joy to you and your loved ones!



Mean of Kanji:漢字


Congratulations, Wonderful things



Celebrate with the New Year modesty



Celebration words



respectfully, humbly



kindness, gentleness



contribution, active



Japanese Business Manner











If you get a New Year’s card, you need to write your New Year’s cards and return.


However, it is customary not to put out in case the family dies or there is an unfortunate event.


Avoid spelling errors as much as possible.If you are uneasy, practice writing with another paper is good.


You may print on a computer.Friends sometimes send new year’s cards with jokes.



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